Why Higher Level Thinking Skills?

Because higher level thinking skills are what our kids need to thrive in this world that has exploded with technology, information, and a seemingly overwhelming, tangled knot of environmental, social, and economic challenges.

Because they work. Connections are made, synapses fire, and kids (and adults) learn to think in new ways. Brains grow. Problems can be solved, ideas can be generated, grades and test scores can improve.

Also, higher level thinking is fun!

I won't be covering much theory on this site. If you want to know exactly what these skills are, how they are studied and why they work, there are many excellent sites to help you. This one is a great place to start Creative and Critical Thinking Skills - Bloom's Taxonomy .

Instead, I am going to focus on giving parents and teachers practical, easy-to-implement strategies and activities. Here you will find ideas for games to play, projects to do, puzzles and brainteasers to try, questions to ask, strategies to implement, as well as, book, website, and game reviews, and of course plenty of interesting links to explore.

One more fun thing - The logo for this site is a double play on words. I wonder how many readers will get both of them.

Teaching Resources

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