Daily Brain Teaser #3

How many stars are in...

Only the triangle _____

Only the circle ______ Only the rectangle _____

Both the rectangle and the circle, but not in the triangle_____

Both the circle and the triangle but not in the rectangle_____

Both the triangle and the rectangle, but not in the circle____

In all three shapes _____


Ms. Matters said...

I truly applaud you for posting daily brain teasers, but here, again, your wording could be more precise. When you say, "Both the rectangle and the circle" you are not excluding the stars that are in the circle and rectangle from those that are also in the triangle. You should say, "Only in the rectangle and circle," or perhaps "Both in the rectangle and circle but not the triangle." Precision of wording is EVERYTHING when writing a brain teaser.

Rachel Lynette said...

You are so right. I think I have worded these ones like that in the past. That is what I get for creating these things at 1 in the morning! Thanks for the tip. I will change this one as you suggested and try to pay more attention in the future.

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