Daily Brain Teaser #100

There are 100 dogs at the dog show.
Two fifths of the dogs are Black Labs.
One fourth of the dogs are Poodles.
One fifth of the number of Poodles are Beagles.
Half the number of Black Labs are Golden Retrievers.
The rest of the dogs are Terriers.

How many of each dog are there?

Black Labs ____
Poodles _____
Beagles ______
Golden Retrievers  ______
Terriers _____


Anonymous said...

One fourth of the dogs are poodles, means that there are 25 poodles, not 24. Then one third of the poodles are beagles, means that there are 8⅓ beagles. Does this mean that the ⅓ of a beagle is a cross breed?

Alyson said...

I got 25 also and then rounding down to 8 and then came up with 7 for the last answer.24 is wrong.

Rachel Lynette said...

I am so sorry for the error. I fixed it and the answer key too so now it is correct. Thanks for telling me.

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