Monday, November 15, 2010

Word Puzzle (Frame Games) Fun For Your Class

Word Puzzles like this can make a fun classroom activity. They are a great way to facilitate lateral thinking as students must use words in a new way to solve the puzzles. You can put one on the board and solve it as a class, or you can give your students a worksheet of word puzzles.

Here is one for free.

These are great when you have a few extra minutes.You may also want to extend the activity by having student create their own.

Here are a couple more to try:


Answers: Thank a lot, You're under arrest, Sick in bed.

Get More Word Puzzles in Worksheet Format Here


Technology In Class said...

Welcome back! We missed not hearing from you.


Rachel Lynette said...

Thanks! I learned a good lesson about creativity...sometimes you need a break!

Anonymous said...

I have lost the link for a great word puzzle website. The site used pictures of real animals to represent phrases much like word frames. Can anyone help me find the website?

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