Free Boggle Templates for your Classroom

Boggle is such an amazing game! Not only is it fun and engaging, but it also helps students to recognize letter patterns and facilitates fluency. 

My students loved playing Boggle so much that I made free templates to share the fun. The first one is for use with a document camera - students can write their words on notebook paper. The second is a worksheet version that allows students to work individually.

Because this is in MS Word, you can change the letters - get a whole new game every time!


Krissy - 3rd Grade said...

Love your ideas...thanks so much for sharing...can't wait to use this in my class.

Rachel Lynette said...

So glad you can use them! I hope your students love Boggle!

Monica said...

Great idea! I love that it can be changed :)

Jennifer said...

HI Rachel,
I am trying to find the rest of the Boggle cards and I cant. I really like them and would like to have more of those.
On teachers pay teachers you have a different version but I like this version better.
Is there any way I can get the rest of the cards, and the point sheets? I'll even pay for them.

I like that the kids get to write their words on the same sheet and write their score on the little star....
Thank you


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