Nature Scavenger Hunt for Earth Day

Scavenger Hunts are a terrific way to get kids engaged in what they are learning. Children love the challenge of finding everything on the list and when you are done you can discuss what they have found and which items were particularly difficult or easy and why. Here is a fun scavenger hunt to use for Earth Day.

Nature Scavenger Hunt

The best place to complete this scavenger hunt is in a wooded area.  Find each of the things on the list.  You will need a bag or other container.                                                                                                             
1.    A flat rock
2.    A pinecone
3.    A leaf that is bigger than your palm
4.    A stick that has a “Y” shape
5.    A nut or seed
6.    A small part of a fern
7.    Some moss
8.    Something hard that is not a rock
9.    Something sharp
10. Something that a deer could eat
11. Something soft
12. A piece of grass longer than your finger
13. A feather
14. A thorn (be careful!)
15. A leaf that an animal has chewed on
16. A piece of trash
Do not put these items in your bag.  Instead, draw them.

21.  Sit quietly for a few minutes.  What do you hear (besides people)

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teachermum said...

Some great ideas. Thanks for sharing.

Rachel Lynette said...

Glad you can use them!

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