Math Scavenger Hunt

Here is a fun Math Scavenger Hunt to try with your students!

1.    How many zeroes are in one million?

2.    What is an object that is exactly 5 inches long?

3.    How many prime numbers come before 100?

4.    How many nickels are in twenty dollars?

5.    What do all the numbers on a computer keyboard add up to?

6.    What is the circumference of your head?

7.    How many stacked pennies make an inch?

8.    Where is there a right angle in your classroom?

9.    On what date will the 100th day of school fall this year?

10. How many minutes are you in school each day?

11. How tall do you think you will be when you are an adult?

12. How old will you be in the year 2050?

13. Name something that weighs about a pound

14. How long is your classroom?

15.  If you divided the kids in your class into pairs, how many pairs would there be?

16. Can the kids in your class be evenly divided into groups of three?

17. How far can you count by 2s quickly without making a mistake?

18.  How many even numbers are on this page?

19.  Would you rather have $100 or 350 quarters?

20. What is infinity?

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Behind the Classroom Doors said...

I love the idea of Math Scavenger Hunts. I wanted to share with your readers that I have some free math scavenger hunts for parents to do with their children. Parent involvement is so important

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