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In addition to writing books, writing this blog, and raising a couple of teenagers, I also sell teaching resources on During the schoool year I make about $1,500 a month. That isn't bad, but it is just a drop in the bucket compared to the site's #1 seller, a kindergarten teacher from Georgia. She has made well over $100,000 in just nine months.

I really beleive that TpT is a great way for teachers to make extra money -especially now when so many jobs are being cut and wages are being frozen. But it isn't a matter of just posting your products up on the site. Thousands of products never sell and probably never will. In order to get results you need to package your project well and maybe even do a little marketing. That is why I started SoS on TpT - a blog all about how to effectively sell on TpT.

Summer is a great time to learn the tricks of the trade and build up a product base. So, please stop by and have a look around!


Marie said...

Hi Rachel,

If you don't mind my asking, have sales stayed about the same for you since this posting, or have you seen an increase?

Rachel Lynette said...


Actually, my sales have increased significantly since I posted this. I am currently the #2 seller on the site.


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