Back to School "Snowball" Fight

Here is a quick and really fun get-to-know you activity for the first week of school. Have each student take out a sheet of notebook paper and write three interesting, but not widely known facts about him or herself. Students should not put their names on their papers.

Then have the students crumple up their papers into balls and have a "snowball" fight. After about half a minute or so (or as long as you can stand it), have each student find a snowball, which by now are all over your classroom. After uncrumpling the paper, each student must try to find the student whose snowball he or she retrieved.

Extend the activity by having students share the three facts with the class. A good way to do this is to choose one student read his or her facts. Then the student who the facts were about goes next. Continue until everyone has read theirs.

Another option is to have a second snowball fight and do it all again either with the same snowballs or with a new set.

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Jodi said...

This sounds like a lot of fun. Thanks for linking up!

Fun In First

Tina said...


Liz's Lessons said...

I used to use the "snowball fight" activity in my French and Spanish classes. I would have half the students write the vocabulary in the target language, and have the other half of the class write the vocabulary in English. Then after the fight they had to find the other student in the room that had the match to their word. They loved it! I like your idea of using it as a back to school activity!

Rachel Lynette said...

Thanks for sharing Liz! I love your idea of matching the words!!

maureen said...

What about using it for synonyms of words or write a word and they have to find the other part of the compound word

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