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Here is a fun way to recognize colleagues who go above and beyond to be helpful. It involves creating a special award that is passed from person to person, often with much aplomb.

To implement this program, find something you can use as an award - ideally something kitschy from a yard sale or thrift shop. We used a duck made out of some sort of Rattan material. Another group used a  statue of a dog that was encrusted with puka shells. If your staff has a sense of humor then try to find something truly tacky.  It should be sturdy and at about the size of a shoe box. Give it a fun name. We called our duck Dulcinea. 

Start by presenting this lovely object to another staff member that has done something nice for you or nice for the school. Ideally, do this publicly, during a staff meeting, for example. Be sure to explain why the award is being bestowed - pour on the praise.

The lucky recipient of the award must then display it proudly and prominently somewhere in his or her classroom (or office for administration) for at least three days, but no longer than ten days. Before the ten days are up, he or she must present the award to another staff member who has earned it by doing something helpful, or particularly stunning in some way. If you have weekly staff meetings, passing on the award could be part of the meeting. If not, then it could be passed along privately between meetings. If you have a large school, you might consider circulating two awards.

It is a simple thing to do that has the potential to bring a little more morale to your school, which in many states, if running pretty low these days.


Karen Stamp said...

We do something similar at my school... we are the eagles, so we have a stuffed eagle that is "awarded" each week to another staff member. They get a special parking spot too! The eagle has had lots of decorations added to him over the years--so he truly is a sight!!
Karen :o)
Mrs. Stamp's Kindergarten

Sheri said...

What a great idea! I think doing anything that helps create a happier atmosphere in the work place is the way to go! Wish more bosses considered this important. Thanks for sharing the idea.

Also, thanks for stopping by my blog and commenting about the Plastic Plate Writing Boards. :)

Rachel Lynette said...

Loved your plate idea, Sheri, and thanks for the comment. Seems like this is the kind of thing that a teacher (or group of teachers) could start on their own. It would be cool if administration would, but if you wait around for that...

SunnyDays said...

I love this idea! I may have to introduce it when we go back. I like that it's an 'under the radar' kind of thing without a lot of pomp and circumstance around it.

Sunny Days In Second Grade

Anna Colley said...

I love this idea, Rachel! Our Sunday school class used to pass around a coconut head as a white elephant gift every Christmas. That would make a perfect tacky award! :o)

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