Write a Poem by Rolling Dice!

Here is a fun activity that integrates creative writing with math by having students use dice to write a non rhyming poem. Students will also get practice with syllables.

You could do this as a whole class if you have enough dice, or at a center.

Here is what to do:

  • Give each student a pair of dice.
  • Students roll the dice and add them up for a total.
  • The total is the number of syllables for the first line of the poem.
  • After the first line is written with the correct number of syllables, the student rolls the dice again for the next line.
  • Continue until the poem is finished
  • Name the poem. 
  • Share!
This is easy to do on notebook paper, but if you want a
free printable worksheet, you can get one here.

Get more ideas for using dice with little ones right here on Empowering Little Learners or head over to the Linky Party at Little Miss Kindergarten.


Runde's Room said...

LOVE this! This would make a great "All About Me" poem for the first days of school, with a fun twist!
Runde's Room

Rachel Lynette said...

I never thought about it as an All About Me Poem...what a great idea!, Thanks, Jen!

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