Ideas for Student of the Week, Super Star, VIP etc.

Most teachers in the primary grades (and often upper elementary too) have some sort of program to honor a different student each week. Usually this involves a special display, sharing, and sometimes special jobs or privileges. Each day of the week brings a different Student of the Week activity.

Here are some ideas for things you might want to include in your Student of the Week (or whatever you call it in your classroom) program. You can also download this free parent letter and Information Sheet.

General Tips

  • For the display, you can simply send home a piece of butcher paper or poster board (I used yellow butcher paper cut to a star shape) for the student to decorate with photos and mementos. 

  • In addition to the display the student creates, I also have him or her fill out an information sheet about family, favorites etc.that is also displayed (see below).

  • Another option (if you have the budget for it) is to use one of the ready-to-use posters like this one that students fill in. 

  • Most teachers send the poster and explanation letter to parents home the Friday before the child's superstar week. Another option is to send it home with every child at the start of the year along with a schedule so that parents will have time to plan ahead. 

  • If you can manage it, it is nice if the child's week corresponds with his or her birthday. 

  • Some teachers like to select a child randomly each week rather than planning ahead. Others use the Student of the Week as a reward for good behavior, effort etc.
Activity Ideas
  • Child brings something special to share with the class - a possession, collection, or possibly a pet if the school allows it. 

  • Child brings a favorite book to share. The teacher can read the book to the class or the student can. For longer books, just a selection. Another idea is to allow the child to invite a grandparent or other special adult to read the book.

  • Child brings in a special CD to share.

  • Child puts a special object in a bag and leads the class (or helps the teacher lead) in a yes/no guessing game to guess what is inside. 

  • Child gets to eat lunch with a chosen friend in a special place in the room such as the Class Library

  • Each student completes a page for a special Super Star book. The page includes a positive statement or note about the child and an illustration. The Super Star decorates the covers. Be sure to include a teacher page as well.
Find more great teaching ideas and tips in 300+ Teacher Tips.

What do you do for your Student of the Week? Please add your ideas with a comment.

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Julie said...

For some reason, I am not able to download the cute star student form. Am I doing something wrong?

Kinder Latino said...

You have many wonderful ideas. I invite you to post one on my new Freebies/ Giveaway Linky Party!

Rachel Lynette said...


Wouldn't you know, I had the setting to private. I thought I had switched it! I think it is okay now if you want to try again. Thanks so much for letting me know!

Kinder Latino - I will check it out, thanks!

Julie said...

YAY! It worked! Thank you so much!!!

Runde's Room said...

Great activity ideas - and I LOVE the scrolling buttons on your sidebar!!!
Runde's Room

Rebecca said...

Great ideas for student of the week. I'm visiting through the linky party. Come by when you get a chance. Here's the link to my post at The Teacher's Chatterbox.

~Stephanie Moorman said...

Great ideas! Thank you for sharing them and linking up with the Blog Hop!

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