Free Jenga Multiplication and Addition Games

Why use flashcards or worksheets to practice basic facts when you can use a game instead? You can use these free fact strips to make Jenga into a game students will love to play again and again. If you don't have a class Jenga set already, you can probably find one for a dollar or two at a thrift store.

The game requires a little prep since you must cut the strips and tape them to the Jenga blocks (but this would also be a swell job for a parent volunteer). But once the game is ready, it can be played all year long. Perfect for any math center!

Find more great Math Center ideas at Laura Candler's Corkboard Connections!


Robin said...

We enjoyed using this. (The multiplication table answer sheet has addition instead of multiplication listed in the title. I just wanted to let you know.)

Renee said...

Thanks Rachel---can't wait to use this game in my math stations.

Anonymous said...

Love this idea! I just numbered my blocks and put the questions on separate laminated sheets, that way I put the sheet of the skills I want them to focus on that day!

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