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Top 10 TBA I seem to have been blessed with two awards this week, the Versatile Blogger award from Karla over at Life in Special Education and a nomination to for the Top Ten Award from Jen over at Runde's Room. Thank you both so much!

Both of these have rules attached to them, which I am going to blatantly disregard (here are the ones for Versatile Blogger and here are the ones for Top Ten)

The main gist is that you are supposed to pass the award onto other blogs that you like. I like lots of blogs, but for this post, I picked blogs that I feel offer real value to their readers and/or relatively new blogs that are off to a great start.

In no particular order:

The Wise Owl Factory Book a Day Blog

Visit Sunny Days

The OC Blog Button

 Elementary Matters

Teaching in the Early Years
Smarty Pants Badge

Fabulous 4th Grade Froggies

If you have an awesome blog and I missed you, I am so sorry. If you are on this list, feel free to pass on the awards to your favorite blogs - you can get the official rules in the links above and you can get the Top Ten button code just by clicking the button. Or don't...I am fairly sure a few of the blogs in this post do not lend themselves to this kind of thing and that is fine too! 


Erin @ Small Types said...

Thank you so much for including Small Types on your list! I'm honored to be in the company of these awesome teachers!

Wise Owl Factory said...

Dear Rachel: Thank so very much! Carolyn

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