Win this Book: Let's Throw a Halloween Party + Five Great Halloween Resources!

Congratulations to Debbie Ingalls who won the contest. But I didn't want anyone to leave empty handed, so you can get this 

You Could Win this Book and a Whole Lot More!

Let's Throw a Halloween Party by Rachel Lynette (that's me!) is geared for children grades one to three. Halloween party tips, fun activities, recipes, and even a little Halloween history. This book was published by Rosen/Powerkids Press copyright 2011. It is a hardback edition that I will autograph to the winner's class if desired.

But, that's not all! Some of  my awesome teacher friends are generously contributing some of their amazing Halloween resources to this giveaway. So the winner not only gets this book, but also these great products:

This is a CD by the always delightful Debbie Clement of Rainbows Within Reach. There are sixteen songs for little ones on this CD including "Monster Spray" which is how it is connected to this Halloween Giveaway. Better yet, Debbie will autograph it to the winner! Debbie is not only a singer and composer, she is also a wonderful children's author and school presenter. You can find more from Debbie at her terrific Rainbows within Reach Blog.

This is a terrific set of 30 October Writing Center Task Cards by Sunny Days. You could use these at a center or choose one each day as a writing prompt for the entire class. You can find even more great ideas, not to mention some terrific freebies at the Sunny in Second Grade blog. Those Synonym Shakers look like a blast!

Here are some terrific Halloween Color Word Cards to use on your word wall or in a colors matching game. These were created by Nyla's Crafty Teaching.  There are more great resources where this one came from so be sure and check out the Nyla's Crafty Teaching for more great stuff for the little ones including plenty of freebies. I especially appreciated her tips for laminating printables.

These adorable Halloween Coloring Pages come from Carolyn of  Wise Owl Factory.  What better way to calm your sugar-overdosed, crazy-excited little monsters than with some quiet coloring? Did you know that Carolyn has three amazing blogs that are all full of freebies for teachers? Start with Wise Owl Book A Day where she highlights favorite children's books and creates free resources to go with them.

For the slightly older set, here is a wonderful set of October Activities from Laura Candler at Teaching Resources! You will find word games, Math activities, Writing, Science, even Halloween themed homework passes. If you have never visited Teaching Resources, you are really missing out. Laura has compiled a huge collection of terrific free resources (look in the "file cabinet") and of course she has a bunch of terrific products as well. Don't forget to sign up for the Candler's Classroom Connections Newsletter while you are there!

So, how do you enter to get all this great stuff? It is super easy. There are two ways to enter and you can do one or both.
  • Sign up for the short, fun, and highly useful Minds in Bloom Newsletter (you can enter the contest even if you are already a subscriber) 
  • Comment on this post with a fun Halloween activity. 
Then just be sure to click "I did this" on the form  below to enter.  A winner will be selected randomly on Monday evening, October 3. 


RainbowsWithinReach said...


What a great collection of goodies. Thanks for sharing my work with your readers!!!! Look forward to sending an autographed copy to your winner!!

Debbie Clement

Keys4Education said...

A fun pumpkin activity is making window pumpkins. Draw a pumpkin shape. Cut out the center. Glue on a piece of transparency plastic. Cut and glue small squares of tissue paper to the transparency piece. Hang in the window. The little ones love this activity! :)

donnaing said...

Love, love, love your blog. So many creative ideas. Here is a fun idea. Take disposable gloves and fill them up with candy corn. Place a spider ring on the "ring finger" of the glove. Put these out on the food table as decorations and give one to each child as a treat. They look scary, but are delicious.

Sally said...

One Halloween activity I'd never go without is reading a couple of my favorite books of the season: The Little Old Lady who Wasn't Afraid of Anything by Linda B Williams, and Hallo-weiner by Dav Pilkey. I love these books!

Sally from ElementaryMatters

SillyTeacher said...

I love to play pumpkin bowling in class and at our home Halloween party:) Set up ghost cups as pins (although I just saw toilet paper with eyes, nose, mouth as a ghost on pinterest). Anyways, use small pumpkins as the ball and let them go at it:) Super fun!!!

julianna said...

I love anything favorite time of year, especially in the classroom. :)

Anonymous said...

A fun Halloween activity is to paint groups of popsicle sticks orange and then with a black marker draw a Halloween-themed image on each group of popsicle sticks (i.e. bat, pumpkin, ghost). Once each image is drawn you mix the popsicle sticks together and the students have to work together to sort the popsicle sticks and put the images back together. This could also be used to create a Halloween message. Another great idea is to spread these throughout the class and use it like a treasure hunt writing clues on the mixed up popsicle sticks that ultimately lead to a final destination (i.e. a candy treat).

A. Marks

LMP80 said...

I have my students create "sticker stories" for Halloween. I place a random Halloween sticker at the top of a lined piece of paper and have students write a story using the sticker as inspiration. They really enjoy doing this! (I use it in 2nd grade.)

Kelly B aka Queen Bee! said...

Well, I always buy my students a small pumpkin to decorate. I pull out all the craft materials and let them go to town decorating it how they want to! They always love this and then I let them take them home after we have talked and written about their creations.

Miss T said...

I subbed in a class where the teacher had the students draw a monster and then write a store about it.

The monster was big enough and the writing paper small enough that they stapled the pages to the monster's belly.

corinne said...

I can't wait to try out some of these fun activities!! What a great help for a first year teacher! Thanks

Jennifer Knopf said...

I love to cook pumpkin seeds in the classroom! We estimate how many seeds will be in a pumpkin, then cut it open to verify. Once we've counted the seeds, I wash them, spread them on a baking sheet and roast! The kids love them!

Jennifer @ Herdng Kats In Kindergarten

Julie M said...

I have a template for a cute pumpkin head that I had my students color. I took that template and created some blank pages which were attached to the pumpkin head. We then learned some different pumpkin poems and put them in our book. The kids loved it and it was a great way for them to share what they had learned at home!

KateMcW said...

I have just graduated as a primary school teacher and am looking forward to using these ideas with the kids in my class and in the youth groups I work with. I also work with children with special needs with tactile issues.

A great language activity would be to put a selection of healthy halloween-themed snacks out on a table (peeled grapes 'newts eyes', sandwiches cut into hallloween shapes, mini saveloy fingers, etc). The children can try different foods and comment on the textures and tastes of the food after their fun halloween party.

teachertam said...

For some reason, I really like making projects out of paper plates! I have students paint one black on both sides using tempera. Then we add wiggle eyes and folded strips of black paper hanging down as legs. We let our spiders hang around the room until Halloween! Simple, but cute when you have a lot of them!

Ima Thinker said...

Candy sort and graph
I collect a variety of candy for our 'Candy Sort and
Graph' event. This is a fun 'hands-on' math activity and great for grades K-4.
Here's how you do it:
Have students work in small groups of 3 or 4 students. Give each group a plate of WRAPPED candy. Try to vary to the brands, sizes, shapes, and texture. Ask the teams to come up with four different sorting rules for their plate of candy(Assign a leader to give each person a turn to come up with a sorting rule, a secretary of each group to record the rule and a reporter to report the favorite rule to the class.

Review graphing procedures. Encourage students to use the entire paper/posterbd to create an effective visual display. Remind them to use markers or crayons to color in parts of their graph and make it 'pop.'
Share results. Have the reporters tell the class what their graphs represents.
Of course, allow each student to choose two pieces of wrapped candy to take home with them. Remind them to brush their teeth and floss!

Ms. McFarland said...

A fun Halloween / Math / Science connection project is to get a large pumpkin and guess things such as circumference, weight, and estimate how many pumpkin seeds are inside. Then bake up the pumpkin seeds to enjoy and carve the pumpkin for a class display.

Teaching Resources

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