11-11-11 Challenge - Free Scavenger Hunt Activity!

This year, November 11 is rather a special date...three elevens! 11-11-11 is considered by many to be a particularly lucky number, so this date is considered to be lucky as well - some would say extremely lucky.

11-11-11 also happens to be my birthday, so I made a fun little birthday present for you and your students. This activity is perfect for grades 3-8 and will make a great homework assignment (because you probably have 11-11-11 off since it is also Veterans Day)

I would of course, love to get a few more followers and newsletter subscribers for my birthday, so please do check out the right sidebar for ample opportunities and feel free to pass this along to your friends and colleagues.


Patti White said...
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Patti White said...

Thanks for the freebie Rachel :)
A Series of 3rd Grade Events

Rachel Lynette said...

You are totally welcome, Patti!

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