Friday, February 24, 2012

Pinterest DOs and DON'Ts

As you probably know, Pinterest is gaining popularity as at a rapid rate. What you might not know is that there is some controversy about copyrights and the way images are used. Here are some DOs and DON'Ts for using Pinterest legally and politely.

DO understand the terms of use you agreed on when you signed up for Pinterest in terms of copyright. Basically, despite the site's encouragement to pin whatever you want from wherever you want, the terms of use say that you are the owner of what you pin and that Pinterest can do whatever it wishes with any images that are pinned. Learn more about this from Laura Candler's post on Cork board Connections.

DON'T pin it unless it is yours or you have permission to pin it. If you want to let people know that it is okay to pin from your site or blog, you can get a button like this one at Cork Board Connections right here. If you do not want images from your site pinned, you can get some code from the Pinterest site that you can install to block all pins.

DO make sure that your URLs are correct. That means be sure they are linked to the original post where the image was found (not google images, not someone else's post that references the original, but to the original post).

DON'T use someone else's image that you found on Pinterest and change the URL to link to your own blog or site. You'd think that would go without saying but...

DO make sure that you pin to the specific blog post, not the main blog page. This is easy to mess up if the post is the most recent one and is already at the top. Be sure to click on the post title to isolate the post you want before pinning!

DO check links before repinning. Before placing a pin on one of your boards make sure it actually leads to the post that the pin indicates. Also make sure the pin represents the post. Did the post lead to something offensive? Sometimes a funny pictures links to a post of several funny pictures, but they may not all be squeaky clean. Did the post turn out to be something that costs money that you thought would be free? You might not want to repin after all.

DO write something meaningful in the description box. This is how people who are using the search field will find your pins! Also, it is okay and in many cases preferable to delete what you find in the description box on a repin and rewrite it in your own words.

DON'T over self-promote. A little here and there is fine, but if you are just posting a bunch things from your store all over the place, you are just going to annoy people. Personally, I am particularly annoyed when my wall or a collaborative board is covered in products for sale from one seller who has posted the same product or group of products over and over and over within a few minutes. I just scroll through them and don't stop to click through or repin.

DO put an indication of price in the description if it is teacher created product. This one is just my own opinion. I know that things without prices get repinned more, but this facebook poll confirmed my belief that this annoys more people than not. By the same token, if your item is free, be sure and say so in the description!

DO follow me! I have thousands of pins on over 60 boards, many related to teaching. I pin every day and truly strive to be a resource for teachers and parents.

You can find more tips for using pinterest here. You can find links to my most popular pins here.


Mrs. Mills said...

Thanks for all of these great tips Rachel! Some things I knew...some I wasn't aware of:)


Mrs. Gosla said...

Thanks so much, Rachel! Most I knew, some are oommon sense, but a couple I wasnt' aware of. You are so organized and helpful.

Jeannie said...

This was a terrific post and super helpful - thanks!!!
I am a new follower!

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Sally said...

Great post, Rachel! These are important things to think about. I linked you up to my "Permission to Pin" post.

Sally from ElementaryMatters

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