FREE Measurement Task Cards!

I started off making a set of free task cards for upper elementary, but then I decided that the younger set should have some too, so now there is something for almost everyone! Not only that, both of these sets are correlated with Common Core Standards.

For Grades 2-3
To complete these cards, your students will be measuring things around your classroom. Before they measure, they must first make an estimate. Your students will not only enjoy measuring, but also seeing the difference between their estimates and the actual measurements.

For Grades 4-6
These cards feature a math story problems involving length, volume, weight, and temperature. The cards are a kind of measurement grab-bag and will require basic operations, conversions, and logic to solve. A Student answer sheet and an answer key are included so that students can check their work.

More Measurement Freebies!
You can find more great measurement activities on the Measurement Mania Freebie Collection Below. These are terrific products from some of my favorite TpT sellers. And best of all, they are all free!


Beg, Borrow, and Teach! said...

Thanks so much for all of your wonderful and free activities!

Think, Wonder, & Teach said...

Thanks for the free activity! I am a new follower!

Think, Wonder, & Teach

Rachel Lynette said...

You are both so very welcome! Thanks for following!

Anonymous said...

The Measurement look like they are up to your usual very high standard but I was wondering if you either have them in Metric measurement by any chance or is the a way I can change them to metric as in New Zealand we use the metric unit for measurement.

Anonymous said...

My students thoroughly enjoyed themselves with these task cards. I enjoyed watching them try to figure out how to measure some of the tasks. They learned a lot, questioned a lot, and were completely engaged. GREAT idea! Thank you.

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