Two Fun Ways to Use Task Cards

There are so many ways to use Task Cards...I have heard from teachers who use them in partners, with the whole class and of course at centers. Here are pictures from two teachers who have graciously shared how they use task cards with their students.

Randy Seldomridge teaches in Granite Falls, NC. Here is what Randy says about the way he uses Task Cards to play Scoot with sixth graders: 
"These are some shots of my kids doing "scoot" type stuff using your figurative language task cards with the freebie mini-breaks thrown in after every sixth task card.  As you can see, we moved out of the room into the hallway to do this.  With 28 students, it gets a bit too much to have all of that movement in the room.  They are spread out in the hall and actually work and are quite quiet."

Amy Lanham is a reading interventionist in Marvell Arkansas. She has a challenging job working with a wide range of grade levels from elementary to high school! I love how she uses these prize globes to hold the cards. What a fun way for students to draw a random card! Imagine a center with a bowl full of them. If you can't get a large number of these globes, you could also use plastic eggs, which are at stores everywhere for Easter right now.

Thanks so much to Randy and Amy for the pictures. If you are using my task cards with your students, I would be thrilled to see what you are doing with them. If I can use your pictures in a blog post, I will be happy to compensate you with free products from my TpT Store. Of course, as in the photo above, I will block out student faces. Email photos to 

If you are looking for Task Cards, you can find them here

If you use a lot of task cards, you might consider purchasing your own laminator


Runde's Room said...

LOVE that you're getting pictures of teachers USING your products. How cool is that!?!

Runde's Room

Rachel Lynette said...

Thanks, Jen! I was so excited when they showed up in my email. It totally made my day.

Mrs. Thompson said...

I LOVE your task cards! I just blogged about them as a matter of fact. I follow your blog and your TPT store, and every time you put out a set of new task cards, I have to buy them! Thank you for all the hard work you put into them! My kids love to SCOOT and do other activities with the cards. They are always a big hit :)

Rachel Lynette said...

Thanks so much for the kind words and how sweet that you blogged about my resources too! I really appreciate your support!

Teaching Resources

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