Get Those Kids Moving Link Up!

Are your students having trouble sitting still? Are the they restless or maybe having trouble staying awake for a whole lesson? It can often be challenging to keep students' attention during this time of year, which is why I am having this link up.

Recently, Minds in Bloom has featured several posts about getting kids moving during the day. These posts will tell you why it is important and give you some great ideas about how to incorporate movement into your day:

I know this is a hot topic, because with more than 20,000 page views each, these have been some of my most popular posts. So, I thought it would be fun to see what ideas other bloggers have for incorporating movement into the school day. If you would like to link up, please follow these guidelines:

  • Link up any blog post (new or older) that incorporates movement into learning. Please do not link up posts that are primarily promotional for paid products (freebies are fine!)

  • In the "Name" field, use the name of the post.

  • Please include a linkback to this post either in text format or by using the Move to Learn button above (just copy and paste it into your post and add the link). 

1 comment:

Ms. Patterson said...

Sorry I forgot to back link it, oops!

I have it all fixed and thanks for pinning

-Shuna P

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