Task Card Fun with Sticky Hands!

These ones are glittery!
I know what you are thinking. Sticky Hands, really? Seriously?Yes, it's true! Those sticky hands on a rubbery string that kids adore can be a valuable learning tool. Here is how:
  • In a small group, give each child a Sticky Hand.
  • Lay some laminated Task Cards on the floor or on a table face down. Ideally, these should be ones that can be answered with a short, verbal answer. 
  • Children take turns "casting" their sticky hands at the cards. When a child gets a card he or she uses the hand to lift it off the table. He or she reads the card out loud and then answers the question. 
This could also be played individually or in partners. I got this idea from my boyfriend's third grader who loves being allowed to play with sticky hands in class!

Looking for more ways to use Task Cards? Check out Totally Task Cards for ideas and freebies!


Srta. Graham said...

LOVE it!

Jana said...

What a fun way to use task cards! Thanks for sharing.

Thinking Out Loud

happetalker said...

Thanks for such a hands-on idea! LOL!

Retta London said...

Love this idea!

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