Everything Halloween (Freebies and Ideas)

Okay here it is, every Halloween Resource I have, all in one place!

First off, if you are looking for some fun and quick activities, here are five Halloween Freebies from my TpT Store. As you can see, there is something for pretty much any 2-6 grade level.

If you are looking for ideas from some terrific teachers then you will want to download this Free Halloween Idea Book

You may also want to take a peek at my Halloween Pinterest Board which has all kinds of fun ideas for celebrating the holiday.

Earlier this month I collected these great ideas for Halloween Read-Alouds from my facebook followers:

If you would rather tell your own tale, in ghost story fashion, here is my favorite one to tell. You can make it as scary (or not scary) as you want and it has a fun surprise ending.

And finally, for all you math fans, here is a picture of a pumpkin my son carved a few years ago.

Wishing you all a fun Halloween. Though for teachers, I don't think Halloween is the scary day. The truly frightening day is November 1...a school day for most of you.

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lcooney said...

Thanks for the Halloween freebies!

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