Save Big with Task Card Bundles

If you are a task card fan, consider buying them in bundles - bundles are sold at a discount, the bigger the bundle, the bigger the savings. Here are some of my task card bundles:

The Inference Bundle includes some of the most popular task card sets on TpT (in fact Inference Task Cards is the best selling task card set on the site). This set includes five task card sets (both multiple choice and short answer) to help your students master this oh-so-challenging reading strategy.

 photo inferencetaskcardbundle_zps85e82f80.png

Reading Strategies includes three of the most popular task card sets on TpT:
  • Author's Purpose
  • Connections
  • Summarize It!

 photo Readingstrategiesbundle_zpsf981a672.png

The Informational Text/Nonfiction Bundle includes different card sets to help students gain familiarity with text features and text structures. The first set features 24 open-ended activity cards that can be used with any non-fiction book. The second set tests students understanding of text features with multiple choice questions, while each of the cards in the third set has a nonfiction paragraph for students to  use to identify one of five text structures. 

 photo informationaltextnonfictiontaskcardbunde_zpse023117a.png

Prefixes, Suffixes and Roots includes two sets of multiple choice task cards to help students gain fluency working with affixes. There is also a group of three task card sets to help students learn the spelling rules associated with adding suffixes. These includes a set each for silent e, tricky y, and double consonants. In addition, there are two sets focusing on word roots and their meanings. There are seven sets of task cards in this CCSS aligned bundle.

 photo prefixessuffixesrootstaskcardbundle_zps980c6df3.png

The Vocabulary Bundle is a huge collection of 16 sets of task cards including homophones, synonyms, multiple-meaning words, shades of meaning, and idioms. All of these sets are aligned with the Common Core. You save $12 by buying them bundled, and that is before the sale!

 photo VocabularyTaskCardsBundle_zps9c263381.png

You will never need a writing or discussion prompt again with this awesome The Writing Prompt Bundle.  There are 764 open-ended, thought-provoking prompts. This bundle includes 200 Would You Rather Questions - which are extremely popular with kids of all ages (and adults too!). There are also creative and critical thinking questions and reading response questions that can be used with any book.

 photo writingpromptstaskcardbundle_zps2e8d844c.png

You can find all of my bundles right here.

Remember that you can get even more money to spend by leaving feedback on the products you have purchased to earn TpT credits.

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