Spring-Themed ELA Task Cards (Autumn and Winter too!)

Here are three sets of season-themed multiple choice sentence task cards that are perfect for reviewing some of the most common and important English Language Arts skills. Skills include:
  • Parts of speech
  • Prefixes and suffixes
  • Punctuation
  • Capitalization
  • Complete sentences
  • Homophones
  • Synonyms
  • Context clues
  • Multiple Mwmeaning words
  • Shades of meaning
  • Complete sentences
Many of the ELA Common Core standards are addressed, making this a great activity of test prep or literacy centers. Another great thing about these cards is that they focus on the weather, wildlife, and activities of the seasons rather than on holidays, so they can be used during any part of the season and in any classroom. So far, I have made a set of cards for Autumn, Winter, and Spring. Summer ones will be available in a few months. 

Each set contains 32 cards, student answer sheet, answer key, cover, card, and a challenge card. Sets cost $2.75 each.

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