Come Find Me in Vegas!

It's Vegas, baby! I will be in Las Vegas July 14-18. I know some of you will also be there attending one of the two big conferences (or just because you live there) and I would love to meet you! As much as I wish I looked like my curly-haired cartoon, the real me looks like this:
I am also pretty easy to spot because I am just under 5' tall. I will be staying at the Palazzo. If you happen to spot me, please come say "Hi" and tell me about yourself!

If you happen to be a blogger (or want to meet a bunch of us and have a whole lot of fun), we'd love to see you at the 2nd Annual Teacher Blogger Meet Up on the 16th. Not only will you get to meet a bunch of teacher bloggers, but Amy, the Community Manager over at Teachers Pay Teachers will be there and TpT is sponsoring the drinks and the snacks!
Hope to see you there!


Lisa Lilienthal said...

I live in Vegas and will be attending the SDE conference with a team from my school. I'll look for you! Thanks for the Tuesday meet-up info. I just signed up!

Heather W said...

YEA! It's so close!! I am packing up my things as we speak. See you soon! :)

Rachel L said...

Lisa, Yippee, I am a total fan of your work. Always top notch. I hope we see each other.

Heather...looking forward to meeting! Just a few more days!!

Laura said...

My wish is to be able to go.... but I hope you all have a fabulous time and I will be thinking of you!!

Michelle Thom said...

Rachel, glad we got to meet! I just wanted to make sure you saw my post about the night! There is a picture of you and you look fabulous!
Well, Michelle?

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