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Say goodbye to Google Reader and hello to Bloglovin'! You've probably heard by now that Google Reader is a thing of the past, but no worries because the hip, new way to follow all your favorite blogs is with Bloglovin'! It is super easy to sign up and you can even import all of the blogs you were following on Google Reader.

If you want to make sure you are following Minds in Bloom (and of course I hope you do!), just use the button below.
Special thanks to Melissa Mazur of Common Core and So Much More for the terrific Bloglovin' sign up icon.

Looking for more awesome elementary education blogs to follow? Laura Candler at Corkboard Connections has started this awesome link up making it easy to follow. If you want to link up your own blog, be sure and download her instructions here.

1 comment:

Mary Bauer said...

Hi Rachel,
I hope you are getting to enjoy our rare summer weather.
I am following you on Bloglovin. I wonder what other social media changes are coming our way. :)

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