Track the Standards with Common Core Punch Cards!

I wish I could take credit for this idea, but it actually came from an awesome follower who wanted them for her own classroom and graciously allowed me to create them (of course she got them for free.)

Basically, each student in your class gets a ring of punch cards. There is one card for each of the strands/domains and all of the standards, identified by their numbers, are listed along the edges of each card. The cards are labeled and color coded so that they won't get mixed up and can be found easily on the ring. Cover cards for students to put their names on are also included.

When a student has met a standard, simply punch it or stamp it. I like small stamps better because then you can still see the standard number under the stamp. By the end of the year, all of the standards should be stamped and your students will feel so proud!

Here is a closer look at what a card looks like:

The star is just for decoration (more fun than an empty box). The product is formatted with six identical cards on each page, so you can print exactly what you need. In the example below, there were so many standards for the strand that I had to create two cards. The one shown is the first one.

CCSS Punch Cards for grades 1-6 are available here for just $3.25 per grade level. All of the standards are included.

If you follow Minds in Bloom, you know that I don't usually write promotional posts like this one. But the product is so different than what I usually do (task cards) that I wanted to explain it a bit. Thanks so much for reading!

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